Welcome to the Dunham Company website where We Know Value.  We encourage you to “Look Around” our site to answer any questions you may have about the appraisal process.

     The Dunham Company, Inc. is a full service appraisal firm specializing in both Residential and Commercial appraisals.  We offer the highest level of professionalism and integrity plus unparalleled customer service.  We are a leading provider of appraisals for:

    Residential Property

          - Mortgage - First and Second

          - Relocation Appraisal
          - Refinancing Appraisal
          - Private Mortgage Insurance Removal
          - Divorce - Domestic Relations Settlement

          - Probate Appraisals

          - Estate Appraisals

          - Litigation Support

          - Income Approach

          - Tax Appeal

          - Construction Draw Requests

          - Foreclosure

          - Eminent Domain

Feasibility Studies
Investment Analysis
Tax Appeals

Cost Segregation

Estate Planning
Serving South West Ohio for over 38 years

Commercial Property

        - Apartments

        - Commercial

        - Industrial

        - Offices

        - Medical offices and hospitals

        - Retail Stores

        - Shopping Centers

        - Special Use including: car washes,

          lumber yards, etc.

        - Land - Commercial, Farm, etc.

        - Gas Stations w/wo retail

        - Movie Theaters

        - Day Care Facilities

        - Nurseries/Garden Centers

        - Nursing and convalescent centers

        - Catering and Ball Room Facilities

        - Restaurants

        - Tax Appeal

        - Construction Draw Request

        - Litigation Support

Whether you are looking for a Residential or Commercial appraisal we are professionals in analyzing your properties worth in today's value or yesterdays value, or future value.  If you are wondering if your real estate taxes are too high or eminent domain is a concern ... give us a call.  If relocation is in your future or legal proceedings such as bankruptcy, divorce, or estate settlement ... we can help - give us a call.

We specialize in commercial appraisals including apartments and apartment complexes, any type of commercial property or structure, industrial properties, offices, any type of retail structure or shopping center, special use including churches, bowling alleys, health facilities etc. and of course any type of vacant land. It would be our pleasure to walk you through an appraisal to determine the best value of your property.  We are here Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm to answer your questions.  We look forward to hearing from you ... fill out the form in the contact section or give us a call.